How Can You Help Tornado Victims?

how to help tornado victims czech

Five people have been killed after a rare tornado along with tennis ball-sized hailstones hit several villages in South Moravia.

A local hospital in the town of Hodonin treated 83 injured people. Forty-five were admitted to hospital, six of whom were in serious condition, hospital director Antonin Tesarik said.

The Czech government has promised to allocate the first CZK 500 million in the coming days to help residents of the South Moravian region affected by a devastating tornado.

The tornado, which hit towns and villages around Hodonin along the Slovak and Austrian borders on Thursday evening, may have reached wind speeds above 332 kilometres per hour,  a Czech television meteorologist said.

Meanwhile, the charity organization Nadace Via raised CZK 133 million in two days. Many parishes and city authorities have announced a public fundraiser.

Here all the different ways how you help the local population.

Send money or donor SMS:

  • Diocesan Charity Brno: bank account: 4211325188/6800, variable symbol: 2002
  • Via Foundation
  • Donor SMS to number: 87 777 in the form of DMS DCHB 30 / DMS DCHB 60 / DMS DCHB 90 (depending on how much money you want to contribute). Send messages without quotes.

You can send money directly to the bank account of a specific charity:


  • číslo účtu: 66888866/0300
  • variabilní symbol: 390

Český červený kříž

  • číslo účtu: 333999/2700
  • variabilní symbol: 2101

Člověk v tísni (SOS Morava)

  • číslo účtu: 713271329/0300

Diakonie CČE

  • číslo účtu: 2100691426/2010

Nadace Via

  • číslo účtu: 200900222/080

Diecézní charita Brno

  • číslo účtu: 4211325188/6800
  • variabilní symbol: 2002


For international bank transfers

  • IBAN: CZ36 6800 0000 0042 1132 5188
If you want to offer help, use the e-mail:
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