Big Changes for Holešovice Market. Prague Announced an International Competition

prague holesovice market

Prague councilors announced an international architectural and landscape competition to modernize Holešovice market and clean up its image. 

Holešovice Market is today half-empty, lifeless, and gradually decaying.

Currently overgrown with weeds and passed over by most, the market grounds could serve as a bridge between the new and old Prague, inhabiting the space of both an evolving marketplace and creative cultural center.

“The Prague market is absolutely unique. This architecturally valuable complex offers a large area for shopping and services, entertainment, and relaxation. That is why we want to get the best possible proposals for the solution of its public spaces arising from international competition,” says Deputy Mayor Pavel Vyhnánek.

“We hope to maintain a “healthy mix” of sectors within Pražská tržnice, namely spaces representing retail, food, and culture,” he adds.

The competition will see two rounds. In the first one, a jury of experts and representatives of the Prague coalition and the opposition will assess the proposals received.

Subsequently, six of them will advance to the second round, where they will elaborate their proposal in more detail, including a price offer. The winner should be announced in March next year.

The area of the Pražská tržnice was originally designed as a slaughterhouse, which opened in 1895. It ceased to serve that function in the 1970s and has been a marketplace since 1982.

There are 41 buildings in the complex.

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