Health Minister: “Face Masks on Public Transport May Be Mandatory in Autumn”

According to the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch, the compulsory use of facemasks on public transport may return from October or November.

“In autumn, the normal seasonal flu could compound health risks stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. Additional tests will also be needed to exclude other diseases,” says Vojtech.

“The incidence of the disease will determine whether we need to wear face masks again. We need to prevent the spread of infection when other respiratory viruses will circulate,” added Vojtěch.

Currently, masks are mandatory only in the Prague metro and in public transport in the Moravian-Silesian and Jihlava regions. It should also be worn in inpatient facilities and nursing homes, as well as indoors at public events.

The compulsory use of the face mask was introduced by the Czech government on March 19, when citizens were “obliged to wear any form of respiratory protection in public places, including in the open air”.

The Czech Republic had 13,238 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection by Tuesday morning, with 64 new infections on Monday. So far 8,373 people have recovered and 353 people have died.

Although the virus is still circulating in Prague, the capital city has only seen a residual amount of new Covid-19 cases in recent days.

At the beginning of April, the Czech-made video #Masks4All by Petr Ludwig and Aneta Kernová in English language was watched by millions of people worldwide and featured on CNN.

The video encouraged people across the world to wear face masks during the global pandemic to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

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