Have You Worked and Paid Taxes in the Czech Republic? How Much Money Can You Get Back?

Taxes in the Czech Republic

If you worked for the whole year or part of it in the Czech Republic, you should file a tax return in order to receive some money back. The amount of the refund depends on taxes paid and tax reliefs you can apply for.

What do you need to get your money back?

In case you have a work contract with your employer or a work agency, you should receive a document called Potvrzení o zdanitelných příjmech (Confirmation of taxable income). The document summarizes how much money you´ve made, how much taxes were paid, and other important information.

If you want to apply for tax reliefs additionally, you will need a document for proof. For instance, if you want to apply for a child bonus you need your child’s birth certificate. For kids, who are already attending preschool (kindergarten) you need to add a confirmation of attendance.

Why can you get the money back?

Your employer paid taxes on your behalf to the tax office. However, in 95 % of our cases, he did not take into account tax reliefs which help to lower your taxes or get back some extra money. Typically, if you have a spouse (with income less than 68 000 CZK per year) or children under 26 years of age. By filing your tax return, you are claiming this money to be paid to you.

It is also possible that your employer paid on your behalf more taxes than was supposed to pay. In such a case, you will receive this overpayment back.

In the case you had additional income and you don’t want your employer to know about it or you just want to be sure you have applied for all tax reliefs properly, you can use Neotax services for those situations. You can fill in your Tax return by yourself in our application or ask us to help you with this.

Neotax – is a financial consulting company that provides services in the accounting area in many countries around Europe and the USA.  They can help you to fill in your tax returns and get your money back.

Use your promo code Morning10 to get a 10% discount on your tax return in the Czech Republic.

You can choose any language that is comfortable for you to communicate with us.

Find more information on their website or write any questions on info@neotax.eu

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