Gym Memberships in the Czech Republic 

czech fitness centers prices

Studies from a popular health insurance comparator, shows that the Czech Republic ranks as one of the most affordable monthly gym memberships in comparison to other countries around the world.

In an unofficial ranking, this shows that in a list of thirty-three countries worldwide, the Czech Republic shows to have the fairest and cost-effective offering gym memberships.

This is in comparison to the most expensive listed countries including: Japan, the UAE and Australia which all appear in the five most expensive.

An average monthly gym membership in the Czech Republic will cost you 31.59 euros, compared to the most expensive average monthly membership of 89.29 euros which belongs to Japan. 

Japan memberships are expensive for many reasons.  The first is due to the lack of demand for a gym membership and the cost of renting the buildings for the gyms. Japan has no special well-known private gyms – they are all funded by the government. For this reason, they do not usually have fixed monthly fees, however charge their customers based on how many times they use it. 

Australia also ranked high in this list for having one of the most expensive memberships, sitting at 59.95 euros per month. 

Many gyms in the Czech Republic have monthly memberships which are more popular than paying as you visit. These work out cheaper for the user in the end as their cost per visit is much less than a day pass which can be up to 10 euros. 

Usually, the more expensive memberships will include more facilities, more flexible access hours, perks, classes and PT sessions included in the price. 

Many people weigh up the pros and cons into whether having a monthly contracted gym membership is economically feasible. They need to decide whether it is worth the money.

Statistics that could help those in making this decision include:

  • 22% don’t go the gym as much as they thought they would when they signed up, up from 18% last year.
  • 25% have tried more than one gym chain in an effort to find a place they really like, slightly down from 27% last year.
  • 43% report feeling healthier for having a gym membership and regularly going to the gym, down from 46% last year.


A study of European gym goers shows individuals’ motivations for going to the gym. This included:

  • 34% wanted to improve their general fitness.
  • 28% were actively trying to lose some weight.
  • 15% were trying to build muscle.
  • 13% were working out for their mental health. 
  • The rest said they worked out for socialising and specific sport training. 

Depending on the individual, will depend on their needs and motivations for using the gym- and this will sway their decision into whether they will choose a monthly membership or pay as you go.

Compared to many countries around the world, the Czech Republic scores fairly in their monthly costs and facilities and offers great value deals for its citizens.

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