Good Country Index: Czech Republic Ranks 32nd

The Czech Republic ranked #32 one in the newest Good Country Index, which seeks to measure “what each country on earth contributes to the good of humanity.” 

The Good Country Index takes stock of 35 measurements that show countries’ contributions in seven different categories: science and technology; culture; peace and security; world order; planet and climate; prosperity and equality; and health and wellbeing.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the Good Country Index is all about what nations do for the rest of the world, not about what happens within their own borders.

Simon Anholt founded the Anholt Nation Brands Index in 2005 and the Good Country Index in 2014. “Pretty much every single one of [the other indexes] looks at countries’ internal performance in one way or another,” says Anholt. “Consequently, [they] treat the world as if it were made of entirely separate independent islands of humanity that have nothing to do with each other.”

While the Good Country Index gathers an immense amount of data, he characterises it as “a toe in the water;” it has limitations. “Reducing a country’s impact on the world to 35 data sets is obviously just a hint,” he says.

The authors rated the Czech Republic 2nd in the scientific indicator and 10th in the Cultural one. The weakest side of the country it’s the contribution to international security (90th place). This is largely due to the fact that, for its size, the Czech Republic is a fairly large exporter of weapons.

Top 10 ranking Good Country Index 2018:

1) Finland

2) Ireland

3) Sweden

4) Germany

5) Denmark

6) Switzerland

7) Norway

8) France

9) Spain

10) Canada


31) Portugal

32) Czech Republic

33) Slovenia

You can find the full report here 

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