This Czech Confectionery Started to Bake “Glory to Ukraine” Cake

Café Dlask, a small confectionery in the Czech town of Varnsdorf (Ustek region), has started to bake a pineapple-coconut cake named “Glory to Ukraine!” in the blue-yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag.

A piece of cake costs only 50 CZK, and all the money raised from its sale goes to help Ukraine.

Just in one month, they managed to collect and transfer it to the account of the Ukrainian Embassy CZK 10,500.

The Czech Republic has issued 302,000 humanitarian visas to Ukrainian refugees since the start of the war, according to data released by the Ministry of Interior.

The inflow of refugees has slowed and the ministry is now issuing around 2,800 visas a day to newcomers. The vast majority are women and children.

The year-long visa gives them health insurance and enables them to work and study in the Czech Republic. They also have the benefit of free accommodation.


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