Germans Have the Highest Salaries in the Czech Republic

Germans, Slovaks, Russians, and Romanians have a higher average wage than employees with Czech citizenship.

The report “Analysis of Household Income and Expenditure 2019,” prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was published on its official website on Monday, August 10.

German citizens earned on average received CZK 109,133 per month (gross salary). German companies prefer to send managers from Germany, especially when a branch is starting up.

The second place is taken by Slovakians – CZK 42,977. The third place by Russians – CZK 40,893.

Romanians also considerably outperform Czechs in non-manual professions, where their average wage was CZK 37,979. The average monthly wage of employees with Czech citizenship in all professions was CZK 30,865 last year.

The lowest wages were registered by people from Vietnam at CZK 22,500.

In October 2019, for the first time in history, the average salary in the Czech Republic surpassed CZK 34,000, according to the Czech Statistical Office (CSO). Although the increase in the average salary might seem to indicate a general increase of well-being among Czech workers, the fact is that almost two-thirds of Czech employees still make less than the average.

Moreover, considering the higher rate of inflation in the Czech Republic, which has reached 2.8 percent, the average salary grew more slowly than in the previous year. While in 2019 the average salary in real terms grew by 4.3 percent, it was 5.3 percent a year earlier.

Since the year 2000 salaries in the Czech Republic have been rising faster than in Germany. In 2019, an average salary reached twofold the same value as it was 18 years ago. The salary raised by 44 % in Germany since the beginning of the millennium.

Czech average salary increases by 4,67 % every year, on the contrary in Germany by 2,08 %.



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