Game On – The Resurgence of Wild Game

kevin windsor czech republic

‘Meat’ the man who has been gaining rave reviews for his delicious Wild Game produce.

I often hear people saying “wild game meat tastes “too gamey”.

What most of those people actually mean is that the flavour is too meaty and intense. This is an absolute myth because when prepared and cooked properly, wild game can taste even better and milder than regular types of meat. It is all about the right preparation and most of all the freshness of the meat.

The proof as they say is in the pudding, and thankfully for the people of Prague, English-born chef Kevin Windsor and his wife Mila together with their company Windsor Enterprise provide all the evidence to prove that point.

Even better news for the Prague population is that there are more and more options to purchase and taste his produce in the city.

I caught up with Kevin recently to find out more about the wild game business and the impact he is having on this industry in the Czech Republic.

So, how did it all start?

“To be honest, the entire thing started as an accident. My wife’s brother is a fully sanctioned hunter and one day, he brought me some venison to try. It was a meat that I was very unsure about, because I had never cooked it in the past, but I gave it a go and to say I was surprised is a massive under-statement.

“Added to that, Mila is a veterinarian which means she knows a lot about processing, so her experience of that aspect, combined with my knowledge of cooking meant it was a marriage made in heaven”.

Kevin agrees that there is still a slight stigma about wild game and he was eager to set the record straight.

“The simple fact is: when it is prepared and cooked properly, wild game meat is absolutely delicious, and more than virtually any other source of meat, it represents a sustainable and environmentally-friendly form of consumption.

“This is especially true in the Czech Republic because the rules which were adhered to during communist times ensured there were never too many animals. This is still true today and the result is 100% sustainability.

Furthermore, game animals spend their lives in the wild. A life lived in freedom, stress-free growth and a natural and varied diet. Contrary to all prejudice, game is therefore not only very tender and tasty but also easily digestible.

“I also hear people saying that game is difficult to cook. I can cook pretty much anything, so trust me – if you can cook beef, you can cook venison; if you can cook pork, you can cook wild boar”, said the chef who has been living in the Czech Republic for the last 16 years.

kevin windsor czech republic

Everybody has their personal favourite and Kevin is no exception.

“I do enjoy Sika Deer (a species native to much of eastern Asia), but my personal favourite has to be Fallow Dear.

“Fallow is a 50-kilo dear which is more marbled than other varieties and tastes absolutely delicious. My wife would agree with that 100%. However, her brother (the hunter) has a preference for Roe Deer”, he said.

It’s not just venison that Windsor Wild specialises in. Wild Boar, Mouflon (wild sheep), Wild Hare, Pheasant, Wild Duck are also produced. In addition to these various pastramis, hams, salamis and delicious pates are also on offer and all can be purchased via their website: The products are also available at the farmers market in Dejvice from 8am until 2pm every Saturday where you can also meet Kevin and Mila.

Recently the company has ventured into the jerky business together with their friends and partners at Rustic Jerky in Prague. They now produce 5 wild and completely natural jerky flavours from venison and wild boar.

I recently had the opportunity to sample Kevin’s wares at a special venison Evening at the James Joyce Irish Pub in Prague. Venison steaks and venison burgers were on offer that night, as well as an Oriental-styled venison dish.

All three dishes were mouth-watering and that was also the overriding opinion of the packed venue. Look out for another big night at the James Joyce in the not too distant future.

The wonderful Café Imperial which boasts none other than the legendary Zdeněk Pohlreich as its head chef also uses Kevin’s products, as does the equally wonderful Casa De Carli Restaurant in Old Town.

Furthermore, almost all the products of Windsor Wild can be ordered online at one of the largest online supermarkets in the Czech Republic,

It’s not just Prague people who will be amazed by what’s on offer at Windsor Wild, because they have also just completed a project to excite your four-legged friends. It’s something Kevin and especially his wife Mila at Windsor are very excited about.

“We have decided to get involved in the dog-food market with a selection of dog treats. Our motto is “human food which is good enough for dogs.

“As I mentioned before, my wife is a vet, so she knows exactly what your dog should and shouldn’t be eating and we have conjured up a selection of treats made from 100% meat with no added chemicals which are super-healthy for your dog. They can also be purchased on our website”

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