Fuel Prices in the Czech Republic at All-Time High

czech fuel prices

Both petrol and diesel prices have increased since the second half of January, and have now reached a level last seen at the end of November 2021, with a litre of the most popular Natural 95 petrol currently selling for an average of CZK 47.69.

This is an increase of over one crown within a week

Diesel is selling for an average of CZK 46.94. Prices in the Czech Republic are significantly higher, by about nine crowns, than in other Central and Eastern European countries, except Slovenia.

These prices stand in stark contrast to the situation a year ago, when the average price for one litre of petrol was CZK 15.28 lower and CZK 16.66 lower for diesel.

Gas supply smooth despite Nord Stream cuts, minister says

Gas supply to the Czech Republic remains smooth, Czech Industry Minister Jozef Sikela said on Wednesday as Russia’s Gazprom announced a further cut in the amount of gas it will pump to Europe through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

Sikela said on Twitter no outages were appearing in the central European country, while also saying Russian President Vladimir Putin was leading an energy war against Europe.“Gas supplies to (the Czech Republic) are smooth and not showing any outages,” he said, adding built-up gas stores could last without problems until the end of October.

The central European country is nearly 100% dependent for its gas on Russia, and has border transfer stations between it and Germany, as well as Slovakia.

The announced supply capacity cut for Nord Stream 1 to Germany is the second in as many days, and means that the pipeline will run at just 40% capacity.

Germany’s economy minister said the move was aimed at sowing uncertainty and pushing up fuel prices.

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