Help Spread Christmas Cheer This Year with FriendShip Prague

It’s time for the holidays and at FriendShip Prague they are looking forward to finishing 2022 strong with special initiatives and events that we would like to share with you!

FriendShip Prague has just launched another Fill a Christmas Sock for the Homeless campaign. Last year, they collected 600 pairs of socks that were distributed not only during our special Christmas gathering but also to other organizations supporting people in need.

How can you help this year?

You can support the homeless by purchasing a pair of warm socks and filling one of them with the listed. travel size items below:

  • 1 x Toothbrush + 1 x small tube of toothpaste
  • 1 x Deodorant + 1 x shower gel + 1 x hands cream
  • 1 x Hand wipes
  • • 1 x Lips balm • Sweets and chocolates
  • • Ideally a personal Christmas message socks collection by December 16th, at Dům Radost. See all instructions here

On Sunday, December 11th, they will host a Charity Christmas Event at the Little Mole (Riegrovy Sady 38) where Karina Bolan will generously offer a donation-based yoga class: a mix of breathing, meditation and movement where we will practice gratitude and love and remind ourselves of what is really important during the holiday season.

Throughout the day, they are also hosting a mini Christmas market with baked goods, hand-made products and second-hand clothes kindly donated by our supporters. This fundraising opportunity will allow us to provide extra necessities like scarves, hats, gloves, neck warmers and (hopefully many) sleeping bags too. Find more info about this event on Facebook

On Saturday, December 17th at 2 pm, FriendShip is organizing the second edition of our special Christmas lunch for the homeless at Ostrov Stvanice where we will distribute warm food and drinks, stuffed Christmas socks, presents and new winter necessities and sleeping bags.

Find more info about this event on Facebook

Last but not least, on December 20th at 5 pm, Kino Ponrepo will offer a free screening of the Czech Christmas classic “Tři Oříšky Pro Popelku” with English subtitles.

“As important as it is for us to provide our friends with food and other necessities, it’s equally important to provide them with experiences and spend quality time,” said the organizers.

Anyone can contribute financially, donating trough Darujme here. For any information, you can reach out to FriendShip Prague via message on Facebook and Instagram or via email at in order to know how to support and contribute and how to sign up for volunteering!


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