Food Runner: Order From Multiple Restaurants With One Click!

She wants fried chicken, he wants pasta and the boss wants a grain bowl for lunch, but that’s not possible cause you can only order from one restaurant when using food delivery apps, right? Well, that’s no longer true with Food Runner launching its new service in Prague.

With Food Runner, you can now order in one single transaction from three main restaurants: TGI Fridays, Planet Sushi, and Street Bistro Asia. This means you can get marinated pork ribs, a set of sushi, and Tonkotsu Sandwich all in one order with FREE DELIVERY. It’s really up to you.

Food Runner website is divided into two sections: from the right side of the Vltava river, costumers can choose among Street Bistro Asia, Planet Sushi Home, and Street Bistro Dim Sum. On the left side of the river, you can find TGI Friday’s, Planet Sushi and Street Asia.

“With Food Runner, if a customer is ordering with friends or family they can get their beloved burger while their friends might opt for Thai, Sushi or even a salad – everyone gets what they want,” says the marketing manager.

The delivery app said the new system was set up to ensure that all dishes were prepared for the same pickup time and could be delivered by a single rider, with no impact on the price for ordering from multiple restaurants.

“We are also working on a new brand and cloud kitchen within the FoodRunner project. It’s called Street Bistro Wings and we will offer many different types of Asian style wings: teriyaki, jasmine sesame, maple bacon ginger, honey cilantro, sweet chilli, cinnamon dark beer and many more”.


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