Flower House Ready in July. Primark to Open by the End of the Year

The construction of the new multifunctional building The Flow Building on Wenceslas Square, also known as the Flower House, is nearing completion.

The Flow Building will provide seven floors of energy-efficient and sustainable office space, three levels of flagship retail, and two basement levels of parking.

The project is also sustainable and energy-efficient, using intelligent, integrated building technology systems.

The building will house Primark’s first store in the Czech Republic, forming part of the successful retailer’s expansion throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Primark sells everything from baby and kids clothes to women and men’s apparel, homewares, accessories, beauty products, and confectionery.

Much of what they sell is fast fashion, products based on current fashion-show trends. They do this by having a high turnover rate with items sold quickly after they are made.

“We have goods in stock for a value of 7.45 billion CZK. With the retreat of the pandemic and the subsequent opening of other stores, including the one in Prague, we can certainly look forward to unprecedentedly high discounts,” states the website www.primark-praha.cz

Abandoning the ‘stack ’em high’ formula of other discount retailers, Primark prefers to think of its large stores as ‘concept stores’ that offer a boutique feel, even though they occupy large spaces – in Prague’s case, almost 5,000 square meters over three floors – which can be adapted quickly to customers’ changing tastes.

The Flow Building at #47 is part of a wider revitalization of Wenceslas Square, which will see cars banned and trams return for the first time in four decades, alongside major renovations designed by Jakub Cigler Architects to the lower half of the square




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