Flixbus Implements New Rules for Bus Travel to Keep Passengers Safe

The Czech government agreed to lift a ban on international bus and train travel from May 11.

Not all companies will offer trips to neighboring countries, due to certain border restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Flixbus, one of the largest Czech carriers, resumed operations only in the Czech Republic. Since May 7, the company has been carrying passengers from Prague to Karlovy Vary, Liberec, Most, Chomutov, Jirkov, and Lubenec.

New rules for passengers:

  • drivers and passengers have to wear face masks
  • mandatory hand disinfection before entering the bus
  • during the check-in, the driver encourages passengers to keep a safe distance
  • sale of tickets exclusively online or by credit card
  • passengers cannot use the toilets for the whole trip.
  • drinks and food are forbidden
  • passengers can only board through the rear doors

About Flixbus

FlixMobility was founded as the start-up FlixBus by three young entrepreneurs in Munich. FlixBus was officially launched in 2013 after the deregulation of the bus market in Germany and quickly became the leading long-distance travel provider within the country.

In 2015, FlixBus began expanding internationally with long-distance networks in France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Croatia, as well as cross-border regular services to Norway, Spain, and England.

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