Second Edition of “Divine Wines” Festival to Take Place on August 27

Festival Božského Vína is preparing a wine festival on the last Saturday in August 2022 – for the second time and in a larger format at Výstaviště, Prague 7.

An inclusive festival which has attendees ranging from exhibiting winemakers to musicians, artists and everything in between, they want you to ‘join them and together we will create a wonderful world.’

The quality selection of wines will be provided by the family company @TAG, which will present wines from the Slovak region from the Šalša winery (Kyjov). The legacy of this family winery follows old family winemaking traditions (the first mentioned dates back to 1796).

You will be able to taste in addition to traditional varieties such as Chardonnay, Tramin root, Ruland Gray, Palava, Riesling Vlasse as well as less known, interspecified varieties, for example, Hibernal, Malverina, Johanniter, Solaris and black dedicated to Laurot.

Winery Žůrek Žeravice will also be in attendance- hailing from Žeravice, which is located in the Slovácko sub-region, near the town of Kyjova specializing in the production of bottled and mostly adjuvant wines.

Their flagship varieties are Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir, and especially the red variety Neronet, with which they win many awards every year at international exhibitions. Since 2017, they have started producing sparkling wines under the name SEKT, as well as white and rosé Frizzante.

Rieslings will also be on offer- their delicious options will be brought to you alongside German and French wines, especially from Alsace, so you will be able to taste wine from the Porinne and the surroundings of the Mosely River.

There will be much more on offer and you will have plenty of choices to select a fine wine to enjoy on a summer’s day in Prague.

Festival Božského Vína will be at the Prague Holešovice Exhibition Center on Saturday, August 27th, 2022 from 1 pm to 10 pm.

You can buy the tickets here.

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