Face Masks Should Become Compulsory Again On Public Transport

Wearing face-masks in public transport could once more become mandatory after summer, Prague Hygiene Service chief Zdeňka Jágrová announced.

As iDNES reports, Prague Security Council held a special meeting in the morning (July 30), connected with the deterioration of the epidemiological situation in the city.

During the discussion, Prague authorities and epidemiologists discussed new measures to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Jágrová told reporters that wearing face masks in tram and buses will become mandatory again, probably from the beginning of September.

“Wearing face masks in tram and buses will become mandatory as soon as climatic conditions allow it. The only reason this measure was canceled is that only a small part of buses and trams are air-conditioned, and wearing masks at temperatures above 25° C causes serious discomfort for many people. In the metro, the air conditioning system works everywhere, so masks remain mandatory,” Jágrová said.

“The situation will certainly be more complicated in autumn than it is today”, added Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtech (ANO).

Jágrová announced that the obligatory wearing of masks, which she said had contributed to better results in the past, will be reviewed every two weeks.

The government will continue monitoring the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic as well as abroad and introduce additional measures on borders if this proves necessary, she added.

The Czech Republic was the first country in Europe to introduce compulsory face masks, on 19 March.


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