Face Masks Now Mandatory in Indoor Public in Prague

From Tuesday, September 1, new emergency measures against the spread of coronavirus will come into force.

Face masks will be again mandatory in medical and social facilities, offices, all means of public transport, railway stations and polling stations.

Moreover, Czechs will have to put on the famous roušky at Prague Airport and at public events where there are more than 100 people.

For now, restaurants, and workspaces are excluded from the measure, although regulations might still change in the coming weeks.

“We continue to maintain the necessary exemptions from wearing the face masks for children up to two years of age, persons with severe autism spectrum disorders, persons in a closed vehicle (if all members are from a common households) and public transport drivers who are alone in a closed cabin separate from the passenger compartment,” said the Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic Jarmila Rážová.

The government has also cut the minimum quarantine requirement to 10 days since meeting an infected person from 14 days.

The Czech Republic was the first country in Europe to introduce compulsory face masks, on 19 March. Masks had been mandatory in all shops up until July 1.

The country has so far reported around 25,000 COVID-19 cases in total, but “just” 424 deaths, very low compared to many European countries.

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