Looking for Face Masks? DameRousky.cz Can Help You

The new DameRousky.cz website collects contacts for people who sew face masks (both for free and to buy), offer material for sewing or run a collection point where people can pick up the masks.

Users can join the database through a simple registration and choose different categories.

There is also information as to whether the manufacturers have run out of material or that due to the excessive number of orders had to stop.

The map, which was created with the support of Mapotic and the organization Česko.digital, can filter offers according to whether they are free or not.

“Since the cost of one face masks is around 10 CZK – we will not tolerate overpriced offers. We reserve the right to delete them and to block users’ accounts. We consider offers up to 50 CZ,” the authors point out.

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