Expat Next Door: Claudia From Romania

claudia bratosin cakes
Let’s discover, how many wonderful and creative foreigners live in the Czech Republic!

Claudia Bratosin is a cake designer from Romania. She started as an autodidact, and then she attended several workshops in different countries (Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Portugal). At the end of 2018, she moved to Prague to start and follow her dream. All her cakes are different, unique, and personalized on customers’ wishes.

Claudia is a foreigner who might live next door.

1.  Why did you decide to move, and how long have you been living in Prague?

I have a big passion for cakes. Everything started ten years ago. I used to bake for my friends and colleagues, but in 2018 I decided to make a business from my passion, so I moved to Prague.

2.  Your very first impression after relocation. What had surprised you the most?

Once I arrived in Prague, I felt lost. I thought that this city is way too big for me. Actually, I lost myself many times in the city. Viva GPS!

Here I’ve been surprised by people. They didn’t refuse to speak in English with me anymore. The people from Prague are more open to communicating with foreigners and I appreciate that.

3.  What do you do for a living?

I bake amazing and custom cakes for birthdays, celebrations, baptisms, weddings. Each cake I make is custom based on my customer’s wishes and my skills. My cakes are healthy as I don’t use a big quantity of sugar and all the ingredients that I use have are high-quality.

I also bake cakes without sugar at all and they are good for people who suffer from diabetes.

4. Where do you find your ideas?

I have a very good imagination that helps me a lot. Besides this, I participated in different workshops and competitions in different countries as Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Portugal, and of course the Czech Republic.  All these experiences developed my skills. Baking is continuous learning.

5. How did you become interested in your creative practice?

This is a good question! I have no idea, but I think that I inherited the talent from my grandmother. She loved to bake and make cookies. 10 years ago I baked and decorated my first cake and since then I don’t stop. Every cake has a story behind it that deserves to be told.

I think that life is too short to say NO to cakes. Even this COVID-19 situation is difficult, the show must go on!

You can follow Claudia Sweets on Instagram and Facebook

claudia bratosin cakes


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