Eurostat: Czechs Spend 140 Euro on Average for a Holiday

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EU residents spent 377 euro for a vacation in 2017 on average, while the residents of the Czech Republic ranked last, with a 140-euro average allotted for their holidays, according to data released by Eurostat on Tuesday.

Czechs spent around €72 for domestic trips and €430 for holidays abroad. All trips included, they spent an average of €34 per night.

Slovaks appear much less cost-conscious, with an average expenditure of €249 per trip (€138 in Slovakia and €454 for outbound trips), or an average of €62 per night – nearly twice as much as Czechs.

The biggest spenders in Europe in terms of vacations are the residents of Luxembourg, with a 769-euro average for a holiday in 2017, followed by those of Austria (641 euro) and those of Malta (633 euro). On the opposite end, there are those from Hungary (161 euro for a vacation in 2017), Latvia (155 euro), Bulgaria (153 euro).

The Eurostat data also show that in only eight of the 28 EU member states more than half of the total expenses on tourism were made in domestic destinations. Romania is a leader in this chapter (where 79 percent of the 2.245 billion euro of the total tourism expenses were made in domestic destinations), followed by Greece (76pct), Spain (66pct), France and Portugal (both with 65pct), Bulgaria and Italy (both with 64pct).

Europeans traveling to other continents spent most on travelling to the US (8 percent of total EU spending on tourist travel), followed by Asia (6 percent), Africa (3 percent) and Oceania (1 percent). European destinations outside the EU accounted for about 4 percent of all EU residents’ tourist spending.

EU residents spent around € 467bn on travel for tourism purposes in 2017.

German, French and British tourists were the biggest consumers in absolute terms. Their expenditure accounted for 58 per cent of all EU tourist spending.

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