Escaped Green Mamba Caught

A highly venomous green mamba that bit a woman and went into hiding wreaked havoc on a Prague district —before it was caught on a tree yesterday.

The mamba bit its breeder, a 30-year-old woman, on Monday, police and media said. The woman, who had no breeding licence, remains in hospital in an induced coma, after being given anti-venom.

Police evacuated her house in the Hlubočepy district in southern Prague while a nearby kindergarten banned children from leaving the premises.

Herpetologists said the snake was unlikely to leave the house given the cold weather outside, but the reptile was found on a tree about 200 metres from its home.

The green mamba’s venom consists of both neurotoxins and cardiotoxins, it spreads fast and is often fatal. Unless the patient gets immediate help the poison will damage various organs and the person will eventually die of suffocation resulting from paralysis of the respiratory muscles.

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