Electric Scooter Sharing Comes to Prague

Simply Clever and electric: ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab launches an eScooter sharing service, BeRider, in Prague. BeRider is now beginning its pilot phase.

The BeRider scooters’ electric drive system is powered by two lithium-ion batteries. Fitted with LED headlights as well as front and rear brake discs, BeRider enables users to make headway safely and efficiently in urban traffic. Being lightweight, the electric scooter is handy and easy to manoeuvre. Its large wheels and sturdy suspension guarantee a safe and comfortable ride. As is typical for an electric vehicle, it boasts powerful acceleration and can reach a top speed of 66 km/h. With a range of up to 70 km, the zero-emission electric scooters are ideal for short to mid-range distances.

Jarmila Plachá, Head of ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab, said, “Our BeRider service excellently complements the range of inner-city mobility options available in Prague. Whether for travelling to work or a sightseeing tour, BeRider electric scooters are practical, eco-friendly and user-friendly. At the same time, we are incorporating our digital expertise: every BeRider scooter is equipped with sensors that transfer data in real-time. Due to this level of transparency, we are able to improve our customers’ experience when they use scooters.”

The BeRider’s screen displays fundamental information such as the speed and range. A phone holder on the handlebars makes it easier to navigate using a mobile. This and other electronic devices can be charged on the go via the built-in USB port. Passengers can conveniently secure lightweight luggage using the bag holders. The lockable top case contains two helmets for riding with a partner.

The Mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib, welcomed the new service to the capital, stating, “We see sharing services that provide zero-emission mobility and respect Prague’s local characteristics as a very positive addition to our city. ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab is offering a well-thought-out solution that I hope gets off to a successful start.”

In order to use the BeRider electric scooters, users must install the BeRider app (available for iOS and Android) onto their smartphones and sign up to the service. Following successful registration, they can then see available eScooters in the app and reserve as well as lock or unlock them without keys. Once their journey is finished, they simply place the associated helmets back in the top case. Their session ends after a brief confirmation via the app.

Payment is then made via credit card and is charged based on how long the scooter has been used for (CZK 5.00 per minute). A category B driving licence is required to ride the electric scooters.

General information and instructions can be found on the official BeRider website

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