Dog Without Leash and Muzzle Attacked 4 Years Old Child in Prague, Now in Induced Coma

A 4-year-old toddler was brutally attacked by a fighter dog without a leash and muzzle at the Petřín park around noon on Thursday. 

A man has admitted himself to the police on Saturday afternoon, claiming he’s not the owner of the dog, said Jan Rybanský, the spokesman for the Prague police.

On the other hand, the man reportedly fled the scene immediately after the dog attacked the child, taking no accountability for the tragedy.

The boy was transported to Motol Hospital, while he was in critical condition. The dog had reportedly left the child with multiple and serious injuries since the dog had suddenly attacked him brutally.

A rescue crew was sent to Petřín park, which supposedly arrived very quickly at the scene. The child was in a dire state, but he was apparently still conscious while he was in the ambulance.

After further examination, they found that the boy had sustained bite injuries on his head, back, and chest. The injuries were life-threatening for such a young and small child. Currently, the toddler has been operated on but is now in an induced coma.

Hospital staff did not want to comment in any further detail on the case, with respect to the patient’s age and family.

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