Dinosaurs to Come to Life in a New Interactive Experience at POP Outlet

Do you love dinosaurs? Now can you enjoy a new virtual reality attraction at Premium Outlet Prague Airport.

You will travel 80 million years into the past and the prehistoric world and its inhabitants – the greatest giants of our planet. This multisensory project, which covers an area of more than 200 square meters, can be attended by an individual from 8 years or a group of up to 4 people.

The trip offers an unusual amount of experience and knowledge, encounters iconic dinosaurs of the time, such as Ankylosaurs, Triceratops, and Pteranodons. And undoubtedly the biggest will be face-to-face with the most famous dinosaur in history – Tyrannosaur rex.

The essence of the game is to collect items that will help determine what historical creatures could actually look like. “The goal is also to dispel people’s myths, such as how big the dinosaurs were. That’s why we consulted with experts all year round,” said Adam Paclt, CEO of DIVR Labs.

“To provide the best experience for time-travelers, we built a special glider base deep inside the jungle. The real-world gliders are state of the art devices providing multi-sensory feedback,” added Paclt.

The combination of the latest dimension of virtual reality with real-world movement draws the player into the heart of the action while leaving him free to move in space thanks to a backpack with a computer connected to virtual glasses creating a fictional world.

Players move in a defined area during the game, and real sensory perceptions enhance the virtual experience. The perfect illusion is also achieved with the latest virtual reality technology, HP Reverb headsets with a resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 dots per eye and a tracking system with more than 50 cameras.

“It is now necessary to combine entertainment with shopping and food,” explained Romana Benešová, Executive Director of the Kaprain Investment Group. “The changes in shopping behavior have revolutionized the retail industry which led to the integration of new trends and the adjustment of traditional offers. Customers these days are not focused exclusively on pushing a shopping cart through the abounding aisles. They want to linger and enjoy a personalized shopping experience in which entertainment opportunities gain high priority,” she added.



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