Day of Jewish Monuments Held Around Czech Republic

The Jewish community in the Czech lands was never very numerous, but its cultural influence was enormous.

Even today, we can walk through Jewish neighborhoods, bow our heads at Jewish cemeteries or explore one of about two hundred synagogues.

More than 50 Jewish monuments around the country will open to the public free of charge on Sunday, August 14, as part of this year’s  Day of Jewish Monuments. In Prague, the Jeruzalem Synagogue – built in the late 1860s in the Moorish – participates in the event.

Visitors will be able to see synagogues, Jewish cemeteries and other buildings, some of which are normally not accessible.

Among the biggest attractions this year are two newly reconstructed synagogues – the Great Synagogue in Pilsen and the synagogue in Čáslav.

The Day of Jewish Monuments initiative is organized by Jewish community in Prague in collaboration with Matana, the administrative body for  Jewish buildings and cemeteries; the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic; the Jewish community in Brno; and the Jewish community in Teplice.

Some 200 synagogues and 370 Jewish cemeteries have been preserved to this day in the Czech Republic.

Around 70 synagogues were destroyed in the country during the Second World War and another 105 were demolished under the post-war Communist regime. by the end of the War.

The Jewish community in Prague owns 30 synagogues and 175 Jewish cemeteries. Others are owned by some of the 10 Jews communities or the Federation of Jewish Communities.

More info about the event here

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