Czechs Figured Out How to Get Around the Ban on Takeaway Coffee

The staff of Café Prostoru, located in the National Technical Library in Prague, figured out how to get around the government ban that prohibits the sale of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in plastic cups from dispensing widows and street stalls.

“The aim is that we do not walk around Christmas markets or on the streets with cups and food in hand,” said Health Minister Jan Blatny.

The regulation, however, contains a clause that permits the sale of takeaway drinks can at drive-ins. By law, the goods must be passed directly through the car window.

Employees from Café Prostoru parked a car decorated with Christmas lights at the entrance to the cafe and invite customers to sit in the “salon” for a few seconds, get a coffee in the glass through the open window, and continue on foot.

Formally, there is no violation of the law.

The move prompted Czechs to voice their displeasure in the online comment sections of news websites.

“This is a pure mockery,” wrote one internet user. “I don’t have time to sit in the cafe in the morning before work,” complained another.

Others responded with sarcasm, with one comment reading, “This will definitely save us from the pandemic.”

Trade Minister Karel Havlicek added to the confusion by saying that in his opinion, take-away coffee would be allowed if the customer could take the mug “home in a bag.”

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