Czechs Europe Leaders in Beer Consumption Since 1971

If medals were given out for consuming beer, the Czechs would have been wearing gold around their necks for the past 48 years.

Since 1971, we have been sitting on top of the tree of the European ranking for the foamy beverage consumption. The Czech Beer and Malt Association (CSPS) drew attention to this fact during yesterday’s International Beer Day.

“With 141 liters per capita, Czechs are at the top of the pan-European beer consumption chart. We came to the forefront in 1971 with a consumption of 160 liters; the highest consumption of beer (167 liters) was registered in 1992,” says Martina Ferancová, Executive Director of ČSPS.

Last year was a record for breweries. The total production of Czech beer reached 21.3 million hectoliters. 

Czech breweries produced a record 21.3 million hectoliters of beer last year, an increase of 4.7 percent on 2017. The main driver of that increase was a jump in exports, though domestic consumption was also up on the previous year. 

On the other hand, consumption of draft beer is decreasing in the Czech Republic. The reason for this observed decline can be found specifically in the anti-smoking law, which had a negative impact on the market. Anti-smoking law according has forced a significant number of pub owners to close down their businesses, especially in villages. Now, some customers have no choice but to buy bottled beer and consume it at home.

Microbreweries are now getting more and more popular in the Czech Republic. They are free to experiment more and are more willing to offer lagers or specials and, more importantly, they experiment with world beer styles.

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