Today Czech Railways Will Send Another Medical Train to Ukraine

On February 28, the Czech Republic will send a train to Ukraine carrying humanitarian cargo, Ukrzaliznytsia’s Telegram channel reported on Sunday.

“The train will carry passengers back free of charge. Please arrive at 12:00 to go through customs control and board the designated train. It will run to the Czech Republic with stops in Slovakia,” the report says.

Ukrzaliznytsia urges passengers who are heading to the EU not to take trains to Uzhgorod, but to get off at Chop – it will be more convenient for them to cross the border with the EU there.

“Those who wish to cross the border of Ukraine with the EU countries are requested to arrive at the Chop station. A transport hub has been created at the railway station here. Nine pairs of trains continue to run daily from the Chop station to Zahony (Hungary, one train consists of 6 wagons),” Ukrzaliznytsia said.

You need to buy tickets for these trains. Boarding trains is carried out in the presence of a ticket and one of the documents:

– international passport;

– biometric passport;

– Ukrainian passport.

Priority boarding is given to women, children, and the elderly.

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