Language Summer Course: Learn Czech With Lektor Stiburek

There is no challenge in the Czech language that you cannot overcome!

“People often say that Czech is one of the most difficult languages in the world. I do not really believe in “difficult” and “easy” languages,” says Jakub Stiburek, freelancer with many years of experience in private language schools and institutes of language preparation at Charles University (UJOP).

Jakub offers Czech language courses for groups (beginners A1, Intermediate A2, Advanced B1,) individuals and companies and his classroom is located at Na Harfě 916/9a, Prague 9-Vysočany.

“There are 8 seats in my classroom, I provide disinfection and all the hygiene that is needed. You just need to show up with a face mask. Right now I’m focusing on Summer Courses. It lasts 3 months and I help students to get the Czech language to a level A1,” said Jakub.

When A1 courses end there will be a long time course following. This course will get you as far as you wish. “After approximately half a year or one year, you’ll be fluent in Czech,” he added.

Jakub Stiburek

– Individual courses for people who need a flexible learning schedule, who don’t want to be slowed by a group or rushed by it. It offers the possibility of going through the process the way you want it, absolute control.

– Group courses are great for people who need to be a part of a collective to get some support during the process. They have a set schedule that doesn’t give procrastinators any space for slacking. Group courses are active and fun, grammar and technicalities are naturally learned via practical exercises, games, and other activities. “Škola hrou.” as J. A. Komenský said.

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