Czech Scientists Among World's Elite

Czech scientists placed 26th in the prestigious Global Nature Index 2018, ranking closely alongside Finland and Norway.

The renowned Global Nature Index is created by Nature magazine and the final ranking is based on articles published in 82 selected science journals worldwide.

The Czech Republic placed 26th with 191.1 points, which is roughly at the same level as Finland in 25th and Norway in 27th. The overall placement of the Czech Republic is remarkable as it is not as big as Poland which received 224.6 points. The strongest Czech institution in basic research is the Academy of Sciences with 84.1 points, which made the 172nd place in the ranking.

The number of Czech scientific papers that have the potential to rewrite textbooks and the state of human knowledge is also more than twice as high as in Hungary (38th). Another V4 country, Slovakia, did not make it into the top 50.

“The Czech institutions simply cannot be ignored by the world rankings. They have gained prestige and can be an important guide for foreign scientists or Ph.D. students looking for a place to work,” said Aleš Vlk, a research policy scientist and also the head of Vědavý

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