Czech Republic Tops 1 Million Vaccinations

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Over one million people in the Czech Republic have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, and 371,235 people have received both necessary doses, data from the Health Ministry show.

Since late December, when vaccinations started, a total of almost 1.38 million doses were applied by Monday evening, with the number of those who have received at least one dose reaching 1,007,422.

The Czech Republic is in the tenth position in the European Union in terms of its Covid-19 vaccination rate, with 9.4 percent of its population having received at least one dose of the vaccine, compared with Malta and Hungary, which lead the EU with 22.5 and 16.4 percent, respectively.

Like most member states, the Czech Republic started vaccinations in late December.

About 263 million people have been vaccinated in the world by now, which is 3.4 percent of the world population.

The best faring state in this respect is Israel, with 59.8 percent of its population vaccinated.

The infection rate has started to ease in recent days but tough measures are likely to run into April. On Monday, government ministers said it was not time to ease restrictions despite cases starting to drop.

In total, 1.48 million people have been infected since the first cases were reported a year ago.

Czechs marked one year from the first COVID-19 death on Monday, with church bells ringing during a minute’s silence at noon. A group painted 25,000 white crosses on Prague’s Old Town Square to commemorate the dead.

Latest statistics

The health ministry recorded 8,167 new COVID-19 infections on Monday, down from over 10,000 the week before.

The official death toll has reached 25,055, rising by 245 on the day, which also includes revisions to previous days, according to ministry data.

In total, 1.476 million infections have been recorded since March 2020. Current hospitalizations rose to 8,545.

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