Czech Republic Tops Italy, France Average in Overall Life Satisfaction

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Czechs are more satisfied with their lives than the average Italians and French citizens, according to EU statistical arm Eurostat.

The survey asked people across the European Union aged 16 and over how satisfied they were overall with their lives on a scale from 9 to 10.

The study takes into account a number of aspects to reach the wide-ranging life satisfaction category, including housing, employment, education, health, safety, governance, as well as environmental matters.

“The mix of statistical indicators with objective information such as income, housing conditions and work situations together with subjective evaluations results in differing levels of satisfaction depending on an individual’s priorities and needs,” Eurostat explained.

The Czech Republic has a life satisfaction score of 7.4, slightly above the EU average of 7.3. The lowest overall score was recorded in Bulgaria (5.4), while Finland and Ireland had the highest level of life satisfaction, with 8.1.

Czech respondents to the survey reported satisfaction levels slightly above the EU average with the state of their finances, their housing situation, their employment circumstances, their satisfaction with personal relationships and their living environment.

For use of time, the Czech score was exactly the EU average of 6.7/10, despite Czechs working almost three hours more per week on average than the EU as a whole.

For more information, Eurostat has created an interactive infographic tool for exploring the data in more detail.

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