Czech Republic Tightens Entry Conditions for Foreigners

The Czech Ministry of Health recently tightened the conditions for entering the country. The measure is aimed at combating the new omicron coronavirus strain.

As of today, January 3, foreigners who do not have a residence permit in the Czech Republic are obliged to have a negative PCR test result before entering the Czech Republic. Only foreigners vaccinated with a booster dose have an exception.

“Only foreigners vaccinated with a booster dose have an exception if they are vaccinated in a country whose certificate the Czech Republic recognizes. Another exception is children under 12 years of age,” the Ministry of Health statement reads.

On the other hand, except for having to provide a pre-entry test, unvaccinated and unrecovered travellers from these six countries and the Azores must also undergo another test while in the Czech Republic. The test can be taken on or after the fifth day.

“Unvaccinated persons or persons who have not developed covid-19 must subsequently undergo an RT-PCR test between the 5th and 7th day after entering the territory of the Czech Republic and wear a respirator when leaving the residence or accommodation until the result of this test,” the Ministry explained.

Except for the testing requirements, everyone must fill in an Arrival Form regardless of the country they are travelling from.

However, authorities in the Czech Republic have stressed that exemptions are applied for children vaccinated under the age of 18 as well as for persons who have taken the booster dose.

It has been highlighted that the testing requirements don’t apply to citizens of Czechia as well as to foreigners who have a permanent residence permit, provided that they have been fully vaccinated or recovered. However, they are still required to fill in the Arrival Form.

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