Czech Republic Third-Best Place to Raise a Family

Wren Kitchens have conducted research on 25 European countries, in order to discover the best and worst places to raise a family.

Considering a variety of factors that affect the modern family in each country, the We Are Family Index takes into account: the maternity/paternity leave, the cost of living, property prices and the cost of childcare. Each of these factors has then been analyzed and combined to result in an overall ranking.

Figures show that Greece, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic top the chart with affordable property prices, cost of living and childcare fees. Switzerland ranks in last place overall – with research showing it came bottom of the pile in terms of paternity leave, childcare fees and the cost of living.  

The United Kingdom doesn’t even make it into the Top 10 – ranked in 16th place, with some of the worst mortgages vs. income prices, and has also been ranked as the second most expensive country for childcare fees.

In terms of paid maternity leave, Greece has the best offering – whereas Sweden and Portugal have fallen short, landing in places 24th and 25th. 

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