Czech Republic Retains EU’s Lowest Unemployment Rate

The Czech Republic had by far the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union in June, at just 1.9 percent. Next was Germany with a rate of 3.1 percent.

According to Eurostat, all of the countries of emerging Europe boasted unemployment rates lower than the EU average of 6.3 percent, except Latvia, where 6.5 percent were unemployed. The region’s best performers aside from the Czech Republic were Hungary (3.4 percent), Poland (3.8 percent) and Romania (4 percent).

Greece had the highest unemployment in the EU, at 17.6 percent.

In the last decade, the highest annual unemployment rate in the EU was seen in 2013 (10.9%).

Youth unemployment rate — under-25s — fell in both the EU28 and EA19. The EU28 has 3.17 million young unemployed persons, of whom 2.25 million were in the EA19.

“In June 2019, the youth unemployment rate was 14.1% in the EU28 and 15.4% in the euro area, compared with 15.2% and 17%, respectively, on June 2018,” Eurostat said.

Meanwhile, the preliminary flash estimate for July 2019 showed euro area annual inflation at 1.1% downed from 1.3% in the previous month, it said.

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