Czech Republic Ranks 25th Worldwide in Quality of Life

The Czech Republic ranks 25th worldwide in terms of quality of life, according to the latest Social Progress Index, which evaluated socio-economic and other data in 163 countries.

Based on fifty social and environmental indicators — including access to basic health care and nutrition, clean water and sanitation, education, and a healthy environment, as well as protection of personal rights and freedoms — grouped into three broad dimensions — basic human needs, foundations of well-being, and opportunity.

The Social Progress Index assigns a population-weighted score of 64.24 (out of a possible 100) to the world overall, with broad dimension scores ranging from 74.65 for basic human needs, to 60.82 for well-being, to 57.25 for opportunity.

The sixth edition of the index ranked Norway first for overall social progress out of a hundred and sixty-three countries, followed by Denmark, Finland, and New Zealand.

The Czech Republic scored 86.69 points out of a possible 100 points, an improvement from 2019, although the country fell one spot in the ranking.

According to this year’s scorecard, the Czech Republic ranked 20th on basic human needs, 27th on well-being, and 26th on opportunity.

However, the Czech Republic has underperformed in terms of nutrition, medical care, water purity, hygiene and shelter.

Social Progress Imperative CEO Michael Green told the New York Times that the coronavirus will affect health, longevity, and education around the globe, but that equity and inclusiveness seem to offer a measure of protection to societies that embrace them.

“Societies that are inclusive, tolerant, and better educated,” said Green, “are better able to manage the pandemic.”

More information on the Social Progress Index:

The Social Progress Index is the first holistic measure of a country’s social performance that is independent of economic factors. The index is based on a range of social and environmental indicators that capture three dimensions of social progress: Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing, and Opportunity.

The 2019 Social Progress Index is supported by Deloitte and Skoll Foundation, along with other donors. Other contributors, including chief advisors Professors Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School, and Scott Stern of MIT, are listed on the website.

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