Czech Republic Opens Restaurants, Wellness Facilities and Casinos

From today, Monday 31 May, indoor restaurants, bars, wellness facilities, swimming pools, and casinos will be allowed to resume operating.

Staff and customers in all establishments must still comply with the health and safety measures by maintaining the appropriate distance and wearing face masks.

That is, customers must wear masks at all times, except when eating or being inside the swimming pool. They also must provide proof of vaccination, immunity, or a negative test in order to gain access to facilities and services.

In a press release by the government, it was reported that restaurants will be the only establishments that will not require an official COVID test performed by a health care professional; in other words, customers can visit eateries with proof of a negative self-test.

The Ministry of Health has added a national certificate of vaccination to the conditions of entry for restaurants and other facilities.

The conditions of their recognition as proof for entry are the same as for Czech citizens, meaning 22 days should have passed from the first dose of an incomplete vaccine, 22 days to 9 months from the first dose of complete vaccine, and 14 days to 9 months for a single-dose vaccine.

Although bars and other nightlife venues will be allowed to reopen, live music and dancing will be prohibited. Health Minister Adam Vojtěch explained the logic behind this rule, noting that social distancing cannot take place if people gather to dance.

In addition to this, sports grounds and casinos will have to comply with further measures: they will be allowed to have only 1 person per 15 square metres and they must ensure social distancing.

Wellness establishments will be permitted to accept guests up to 30% of normal capacity, and mass events will be allowed with up to 250 people at a maximum of 50% occupancy

On Saturday 30 May, Czech Republic reported 113 new cases. These numbers have significantly decreased when considering the fact that, on the same day last month, the country recorded over 2,500 new cases.


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