Czech Republic Could be Added to UK Government’s Quarantine List

Switzerland, Greece, Iceland and the Czech Republic could be the next four countries on the UK Government’s quarantine list.

Holidaymakers traveling to the four European countries could be forced to self-isolate for 14 days upon landing back in Britain.

Greece could follow Spain, France, and Croatia in being the fourth popular European destination banned from quarantine-free travel. And Switzerland could follow it, with a spike in Covid-19 cases concerning Government officials.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has already hinted countries will be added to the quarantine list if cases rise.

The Transport Secretary warned that a range of factors are taken into account when the Joint Biosecurity Centre and ministers make their assessments.

Croatia, Austria, and Trinidad and Tobago were stripped from the ‘safe’ list of countries, following a spike in cases, last week.

The number of new cases in Switzerland has seen its rate of infection rose to 21.1 new cases per 100,000 over the last seven days, up from 18 for the previous week.

The Czech Republic’s rate of infection has surged to 18.6 from 16, while in Iceland, the rate of infection has jumped to 16.5 from 14.6, and in Greece, the cumulative rate jumped to 14.9 from 13.7.

Officials from the Joint Biosecurity Centre – which decides what countries should stay on the list – are said to be scrutinizing the numbers closely.

They include: estimated prevalence of Covid-19 in a country; the level and rate of change in the incidence of confirmed positive cases; the extent of testing in a country, the testing regime, and test positivity; the extent to which cases can be accounted for by a contained outbreak as opposed to more general transmission in the community; government actions and “other relevant epidemiological information”.


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