Czech Republic Accepts First Group of Severely Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers

The Czech Republic has received its first batch of wounded Ukrainian soldiers as the country works to alleviate the massively overburdened Ukrainian medical system.

The first two patients will complete their injury treatment and rehabilitation at the Darkov spa in the Karviná region, with both expected to spend at least a month at the facility, according to the commercial director of the spa, Lenka Krótká, who announced the news on Monday.

According to her, the spa will eventually treat more wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

The transport and treatment of wounded Ukrainian soldiers is sponsored and organized by the Czech foundation Regi Base, which has 11 years of experience treating and rehabilitating wounded soldiers.

The non-profit organization focuses on helping war veterans, police officers, and firefighters. In the past, it referred some patients to doctors in Darkov.

“We have already treated soldiers from Georgia in the past. And in 2018, Ukrainian soldiers from Donbas injured during the first attack on Ukraine by Russia were also here,” said Krótká.

On Monday, two soldiers of the Ukrainian army arrived at the spa after suffering complex and difficult-to-treat injuries in a battle with the Russians. One lost part of an arm and has a shattered ankle, but he can walk. The other had three toes amputated.

“Doctors and spa specialists at Darkov have already studied their medical reports so their treatment plan is as effective as possible and they can get back into shape as soldiers,” said facility spokesperson Miroslav Slaný.

The spa director said that the spa has the capacity to provide treatment to more wounded soldiers.

“There is no maximum limit from our side. The final number depends mainly on the foundation that provides everything.

The whole process is quite complicated, above all, on the administrative side,” said Slaný. He added that the foundation is already negotiating the transport of five more injured soldiers.

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