Czech Railways Launched "All-You-Can-Travel" Summer Ticket

Planning holiday excursions? Enjoy the most beautiful holidays with a Ticket for Summer (Jízdenka na léto), and travel throughout the whole country by train.

Czech Railways is offering a seven-day or two-week ticket option that allows passengers to ride for 790 CZK or 1190 CZK, respectively (student and senior discounts apply).

With it, during its term of validity, one can ride on all ČD trains without limitation, travel any number of kilometres, get off anywhere and then board any regular connection. Only on SC Pendolino connections is it necessary to purchase a reservation.

Tickets are valid for consecutive travel between July 1-August 30 and are only second-class.

Other special offers have been prepared for the summer as well, for example, discounted tickets for certain music festivals. Admission discounts have also been prepared for ČD customers on other festivals, historic buildings, tourist exhibitions and much more.

The Ticket for Summer offers:

  • travel aboard ČD trains throughout the Czech Republic for a period of 7 or 14 days
  • without limitation with respect to the number of kilometers traveled
  • an unlimited number of journeys and ČD train categories used
  • board and disembark anywhere
  • ticket linked to a person (can only be used by the person specified on the ticket)
  • can only be used in July and August
  • ticket valid for one passenger on all our trains in 2nd class
  • special price for the In Karta cardholder with a valid customer application or for the ITIC cardholder

For more information: Czech Railways

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