Czech PM Targeted by Billboards of 'Shame'

Billboards targeting billionaire Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš have popped up across the country this week, showing portraits of citizens expressing “shame” over fraud charges he faces.

The high-profile “I am ashamed of my prime minister” campaign was dreamed up by advertising executive Jaroslav Poláček.

Nearly 100 Czechs, including celebrities and ordinary citizens, have appeared on the billboards. “The degree of shame caused by the prime minister is so high that it requires a reaction,” Polacek told AFP, who plans to take the campaign online.

PRodukujeme, the agency he owns, has covered the printing and graphics, but the billboards themselves are paid for by the protesters who appear on them.

Babiš, whose populist ANO movement tops opinion polls, has invited his billboard critics to meet him. “I’ll buy everyone a cup of coffee and persuade them that there’s nothing to be ashamed of and that I represent the Czech Republic well across the globe,” he said.

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