Czech PES Score Rises to 71

czech PES score

Czech PES (Protiepidemický Systém) score rises to 71 on Sunday.

The Czech Republic reported 3,655 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday and continuing a trend of showing a weekly rise in infections.

However, people are already showing considerable reluctance to respect restrictions measures.

On Wednesday, 23 restaurants and cafes remained open for two more hours after 20:00 in protest against the COVID-19 measures.

The police came, for example, to Malý Janek restaurant in Jince in Příbram, to Šeberák pub in Prague and to U Rady in Ostrava.

People who spent time in these facilities after 8 pm can face a fine of 20,000 CZK. Legal entities cannot be fined according to current legal norms.

In total, the police carried out 4,189 inspections of restaurants and bars.

Opponents of government measures met in front of the Janáček Theater in Brno on Saturday.

According to the demonstrators, all the restriction measures are pointless. “There is no medical reason for it, it’s just politics and ruining our budget. Our children will bounce it off. And the government still has the audacity to offer us some bonds for Christmas,” said Jiří K.

This week, the Czech Ministry of Finance shared a video with a bizarre recommendation on her Facebook and Twitter accounts, suggesting to give government bonds as a Christmas gift.

The Minister of Health Jan Blatný (ANO) stated on Friday that if the number of newly infected does not slow down in the coming days, the Czech Republic could switch to the fourth level of the anti-pandemic PES system.

Shops would remain open, while restaurants, pubs, hotels, indoor sports grounds, swimming pools, and fitness centers will close again.

The PES is calculated from the reproduction number, the rate of positive test results over the past seven days, the total number of cases, and those among seniors.

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