Czech McDonald’s Raised the Price of Cheeseburger by 11%

Fast food isn’t as affordable as it used to be, and value menus are another victim of inflation and pandemic.

The price of a cheeseburger at McDonald’s rose to CZK 39, an increase of about 11%. According to the company, the reason is the increase in the cost of production.

“Since the price of raw materials has been rising for a long time, and McDonald’s wants to maintain the standard high quality of products and services, we have had to shift higher costs to the price of cheeseburgers,” said Jitka Paürkova, communications specialist and director of public relations at McDonald’s ČR.

The cheeseburger rose in price at the beginning of April, before it was sold for 35 CZK. McDonald’s only specifies recommended prices, so prices for cheeseburgers may differ slightly from place to place.

McDonald’s opened its first fast food in the Czech Republic in 1992. At that time, the cheeseburger was sold for 21 CZK. In 2013, the price raised to 25 CZK, four years later to 29 CZK and in 2020, to 33 CZK.

In 1993, a Big Mac cost CZK 50, while the average salary was less than 6,000 crowns. But even the high cost did not deter customers from coming.

In its first year, the company opened three restaurants in the Czech Republic, which attracted over three million customers. Meanwhile, McDonald’s expansion continues.

Last year, over 55  million customers visited the fast-food restaurants and its gross sales reached almost CZK 7 billion.

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