Czech Government to Lift Mask Order Once 75% Population Vaccinated

“Assuming a higher immunisation rate, we can lift these measures. That is the message we have today,” Vojtěch said, mentioning the possible end of mandatory masks in indoor areas or limits currently applied to public events.

Only 54% of Czech citizens are currently vaccinated, putting the country’s vaccination rate below the EU average.

However, the Czech government is now mulling a new campaign to motivate more people to get their jabs.

“It is about convincing, constantly emphasising, that without sufficient immunisation we can again have overloaded hospitals and a real problem to get the pandemic under control,” Vojtěch added.

Making the vaccine mandatory is not something that is currently being discussed, however.

The Czech government has established vaccination centres even in commercial centres where people can get their jabs without prior registration. These centres will remain open at least till October.

A third COVID-19 booster shot will also be available from 20 September for people who completed their vaccination eight months ago.

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