Czech Government to Lift Ban on International Bus and Train Travel From May 11

The Czech government agreed on Monday to lift a ban on international bus and train travel from May 11, a member of the government said.

The measure was put in place on March 14 in a bid to control the spread of the novel coronavirus.

According to carriers, the renewal of international routes will depend on the conditions of trips abroad, like Slovakia and Poland, for example, still restrict the entry of foreigners into the country. It will also depend on the interests of the passengers.

“I will propose the government to lift the ban on international bus and train travel from 11 May. It will also be possible to use buses or trains to cross the border,” wrote the Minister of Industry and Trade Havlíček on Twitter this afternoon.

According to spokesman Aleš Ondrůj, RegioJet is ready to resume its international connections almost immediately. “Currently, we see no reason why cross-border regular passenger transport to countries such as Austria should still be banned,” he said.

Leo Express is also ready to renew its routes to Poland and Slovakia if passengers are interested. However, the company hopes that the Czech government will continue the negotiations with these countries and open the borders.

As of Monday, April 27, the rules for crossing state borders have been changed. EU citizens arriving in the Czech Republic for business purposes and university students from EU countries may now come to the Czech Republic. Czech citizens are able to travel abroad, however, on their return, they must submit to 14 days’ quarantine or provide a test with a negative Covid-19 result.

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