Czech Government Approves National Recovery Plan

National Recovery Plan czechia

The Czech government also approved a National Recovery Plan draft worth nearly CZK 200 billion (EUR 7.8 billion) at its meeting on 17 May.

Therefore, it was agreed that the funds from the National Recovery Plan will be used in the form of various investments which will modernize the Czech economy.

The plan is ready to be submitted to the European Commission for approval. However, the final version has faced criticism from the Chamber of Commerce, which said the plan suggests insufficient funding for digitalization that would simplify red tape for business.

NGO Hnutí DUHA (Friends of the Earth Czech Republic) said the government “greenwashed” the plan at the last minute.

Czech regional leaders are also among the plan’s critics, Hospodářské noviny has reported.

Leaders representing the Pardubický region said that the plan “is addressing only central needs” and not regional ones. “We are convinced that such an approach is in breach with requirements of the European Commission,” the region wrote in a statement.

According to the government’s aforementioned press release, the country will invest in greener modes of transport, healthcare, high-speed internet networks, and the construction of new pre-school care facilities, among others.

The National Recovery Plan has also been made public so that all Czech citizens can view how the government is planning to revive the economy by visiting the website.


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