Czech Freediver Set World Record in Swimming Under Ice

Czech freediver David Vencl has set a world record in men’s swimming under the ice.

David Vencl swam the longest distance of 80.9 meters holding his breath on Tuesday.

Vencl took one minute 35 seconds for the record at a lake in Lahost in the northern Czech Republic.

Organizers said the ice was at least 30 centimeters thick, a condition for the record to be recognized.

“The problem is not distance, but cold,” explained the extreme athlete, who has been training for the record for a long time.

For safety, Vencl swam attached to a rope and was accompanied by divers with breathing equipment. There were about five holes in the ice in the event of an emergency.

David Vencl represents the Czech Republic in scuba diving, in which he has won the national title and holds several records.

The previous record was 76.2 meters by Stig Severinsen of Denmark in April 2013, according to the Guinness World Records.

The record for the longest swim under the ice was first set at 57.5 meters by the famed Dutch extreme athlete Wim Hof in 2000.

Vencl celebrates with the ice course in the background. For the record, he could not use any fin, diving suit, cap or weights. (Associated Press)


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