September 2-4: Czech Design Week Will Showcase Local and International Designers

Czech Design Week 2022

The Czech Design Week design and art festival will take place at the Mánes Gallery from 2 to 4 September 2022.

The festival will display the most interesting works by Czech and international designers with an emphasis on authenticity and personal approach.

Come and see the best of interior and industrial design, glass, ceramics, fashion, jewelry, graphics and visual creation. There will also be a daily accompanying educational and music program.

Within three days from 2 to 4 September, Czech Design Week will offer a wide selection of contemporary Czech and foreign works by various designers, students, brands and studios across all fields of design: from interior and industrial design, glass, ceramics, fashion and jewelry to graphics and visual creation.

The installation format will also complement the daily accompanying program at the festival in the form of lectures, panel discussions,
music performances and now also fashion shows.

This year’s festival will be prepared by Idea & Maker studio, run by the Czech duo Johana and and her husband Maxim Kroft, whose digital
art extends to the world of the NFT.

Applications for Czech Design Week 2022 are open to anyone who is not afraid to show their work and go through curatorial supervision.


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