Czech Chip Detects COVID-19 at Early Stages

czech chip covid

A chip, that simply and quickly detects coronavirus infection at an early stage, has been developed by Czech researchers. It can also be used in forensic analysis.

In the past 8 months, researchers from the University of Pardubice, in cooperation with the Czech company IQ Structures (IQS Group), have developed a miniature (10x20mm) chip, that can give precision to the test results of a new type of coronavirus.

Grooves on the chip’s surface are designed to elicit the reaction with the right dynamics, in order to concentrate the viral RNA.

The virus particles are then subject to the sample analysis. The chip has an application area into which a sample is dripped and the chip will evaluate the result.

With this approach, a very small amount of viral RNA can be detected in the sample taken, thus individuals can be detected even in the asymptomatic phase of COVID-19.

The chip itself can offer a much wider use, wherever the detection of RNA or DNA particles, from a very small amount of biological material, is needed (e.g. forensic analysis).

The development of the chip has been supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic within the „Czech Rise Up“ program. As soon as the patent protection process is finalized, IQ structures will start its production.

czech chip covid
Photo: IQ Structures
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