Week-Long Festival Celebrates Czech Beer

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Some 6,000 pubs and restaurants across the Czech Republic take part in the eight annual Czech Beer Days (Dny českého piva) from September 23 to September 30.

St. Wenceslas Day, the 28th of September, is a national holiday, celebrating Václav I’s legacy of helping unify Bohemia. But he is also considered the patron saint of beer.

Dozens of breweries and microbreweries are participating nationwide in the festival.

The event celebrates not only beer but pub culture as a whole. And so participating pubs around the country are offering up not only special beers but also unique menus featuring dishes such as roast boar served with a rosehip sauce.

Meanwhile, breweries are opening up their doors to visitors who will be able to see just how the beloved amber drink is made

“We believe that Czech Beer Days will help encourage people to go out more often for their favorite beer. Czechs love Czech beer and the Czech beer tradition. We know that favorite pubs, especially for smaller towns and villages, are the center of social and cultural life,” František Šámal, chairman of the ČSPS, said in a press release.

The Union of Breweries and Malt Houses established the Days of Czech Beer festival (Dny českého piva) in his honor eight years ago.

For more about Czech Beer Days, visit their website or also on Facebook.


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